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Jazz Ensemble
Abaco -

Break out your conga, cabasa and cowbell to add a zesty flavor of the Caribbean to this medium easy Latin rocker. Teach the classic Latin rock feel with this spicy tune that features plenty of unison lines for every section. The open solo section, for any instrument, features one easy and essential scale for all young jazzers - G Dorian. Don't have a soloist? The great background riffs can stand alone. A guitar performance helper sheet with suggested voicings is included. Very playable with younger groups, but mature enough for any band - the perfect Latin chart for contest or festival.

Adrenaline Attack
Adrenaline Attack -

Showcase your rhythm section while teaching the horns precision on this up tempo rocker for maturing bands. The drummer sets the stage while the chart builds from the opening forte brass fall as each section adds its own riff to the mix. A unison sax, piano, and guitar line provides a rhythmic transition to the open solo section and your soloists will sound great improvising on one easy minor pentatonic scale. The guitar helper part includes tablature for the unison lines and chord shape/performance suggestions. Optional 8va notes are provided for the lead trumpet on the out chorus. REALLY COOKS!

Blues Be King!
Blues Be King! -

Feature your guitar or vibes player on this cookin' F blues shuffle with a nod to the late great B.B. King. The bari sax part takes a prominent “blues band” role within the rhythm section. Open up the improv solo section to feature any instrument. Tablature and fingerings for appropriate slides, bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and chord shape/performance suggestions are included in the solo guitar part. Playable with limited instrumentation. A real band and crowd pleaser! 

Brothers and Sisters
Brothers and Sisters -

Feature your sax section with this great up-tempo swing chart a la Woody's Four Brothers. Features a soli section with a slight be-bop feel for alto, trumpet & bone and also includes a solo section that can be opened up for any horn. Every section gets a chance to be in the spotlight and you'll love the great "shout" chorus. A great competition chart for this grade level! Don't miss this unique chart!

Changing Colors
Changing Colors -

A totally hip funk tune with a swing sixteenth note feel that really lays right in the grove and every section gets a chance to shine. Your drummer will love the alternating measures of drum fills and ensemble kicks that build with intensity into the trumpet soli feature that in turn explodes into an open solo section for any soloists. Includes a guitar help sheet that includes tablature for "licks" and chord shape. A great closer that will make good bands sound even better! Really cooks!

A Chunk of Funk
A Chunk of Funk -

Turn your rhythm section loose on this great "down and dirty" funk chart. A funky riff by trombone, bari sax, bass and "crunchy" guitar sets the energy level for the tune and it's all up hill from there. Solo section opens up for unlimited possibilities; horn battles or aggressive rock guitar, electric piano, and "slappin' & poppin" bass solos. One bluesy minor pentatonic scale to master! Solo section ends with a short or extended drum feature. The cowbell/tambourine player adds just the right spice. Also includes a guitar performance help sheet.

Crank It Up!
Crank It Up! -

This powerful 60's style funk rock chart with its infectious groove is tons of fun to play! Your bari sax player will appreciate the spotlight while teaming up with the bass player on the funky bass riff. Easy solo changes for any instrument over sharp-nine chords means there's no such thing as a "wrong note". The guitar helper part includes tablature for "licks" and chord shape/performance suggestions. A great contest choice for maturing bands who want to learn how to really cook up the funk!

Eye On The Prize
Eye On The Prize -

And the prize goes to your rhythm section! They will absolutely love this half-time/double-time rock chart! The bell-ride cymbal work and eighth note bass line really drive this tune. Your sax section will shine on the "true unison" sax soli and then the brass section then kicks it into overdrive with a contrasting bridge section. This chart sounds harder than it really is. And all solos are optional as the chart cooks with just the great sax soli and brass kicks. A guitar performance helper part includes tablature for "licks" and chord shape suggestions. A sure winner!

Good Vibes
Good Vibes -

Showcase your vibe player on this uptempo swinger that opens up with a unison combo of vibes, trumpet, alto sax and trombone. Lots of hot ensemble licks then accompany the vibes who can play the solos as written or ad lib. The big shout chorus features the full ensemble while the vibes get to "fill the blanks". A great choice for concert or contest performances and a perfect way in encourage your vibes player! Extremely nice!

In The Groove
In The Groove -

Jump, jive and jitterbug your way back to the 1940's with this up-tempo swing tune reminiscent of big band era. With driving rhythms and limited ranges this chart and all sections get a chance to shine. Optional written solos are included for bands acquiring improvisation skills. A guitar performance helper sheet with suggested voicings is included. This entertaining swinger is sure to put your band In the Groove and your audience "in the mood" for jazz!

Guitar City
Guitar City -

Solid and authentic-sounding ensemble writing provides an exceptional foundation for this rock guitar solo feature! Guitar City explodes from the first guitar power chord behind a rhythmic horn section intro right into the melodic verse-verse-chorus-improvisation format. The easy B-flat major pentatonic scale means there's no such thing as a wrong note for the rising star guitarist, and the guitar part includes tablature for licks with appropriate slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and chord shape/performance suggestions. Playable with optional reduced instrumentations, this is an outstanding chart for maturing bands who want to rock the house! 

Jazz Between Friends
Jazz Between Friends -

Your band will really swing with this tasty chart that lays right in the groove. Every section gets to play the melody while easy dorian solo changes over a blues style 12 bar format makes the open solo section approachable by any instrument in the band. The guitar helper part includes tablature and chord shape/performance suggestions. A written piano solo and optional vibes and vocal parts enhance the performance possibilities. Cool Chart!

Magico! -

This magical up-tempo Spanish rock chart with lots of unison sectional lines for the horns will have your students sounding bigger and better than they really are! The chart develops by building on rhythmic ideas from every section starting with the rhythm section featuring the bass player. Multiple auxiliary Latin percussion parts are written for two players. There is solo space for your trumpet player with additional room for percussion or any other instrument of your choice. A guitar performance help sheet with suggested voicings and scales is also included in the bag of tricks. A perfect chart for any concert or festival performance and a sure winner with students and audiences alike!

Muy Caliente!
Muy Caliente! -

A fiery up-tempo salsa chart with lots of unison ensemble lines. The open solo section uses one minor pentatonic scale that will make the young improviser sound like a pro. Break out the Latin hand percussion! Also includes a guitar performance help sheet. A ton of fun for the band and VERY HOT!

¡Salta! -

Welcome to the island! Optional steel drum or vibes add that special flavor to this easy cut-time salsa chart. Your band will dance to this one. Lots of unison horn lines and mostly block rhythmic scoring make this very accessible to young players. Playable with as few as 3 saxes, 3 brass and rhythm. Kid tested, kid approved!

Six String Shuffle
Six String Shuffle -

Showcase your guitar player in this blues shuffle chart that really cooks! Guitar helper part includes both a written guitar solo and also a tablature version of the same solo. Written by a real guitar player so the solo lays very well on the instrument. Solid backgrounds by the band give this a great big sound that will make your budding B.B. King's and Eric Clayton's sound like superstars!!! Includes an open solo section which can be opened up for any instrument. Truly unique and sure to be a crowd pleaser anywhere it is performed! VERY COOL!

Snoozin' -

A bluesy ballad that starts with a short solo for Alto Sax and then adds Trumpet/Flugelhorn for a tasty duet. Also includes an optional Flute part so that you can feature your best flutist with your jazz band. Lots of great ensemble sounds are followed by a delightful written piano solo that leads back to the full ensemble for a big finish. Includes a Guitar Performance Help Sheet. Perfect chart for mid-level bands who want to sound like the "big boys"! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Wind Dancer
Wind Dancer -

An impressive contemporary jazz rock chart at a bright tempo that is a perfect concert or competition choice for mid-level jazz ensembles. Contains an open solo section for the soloists of your choosing and includes a guitar performance help sheet. A unique and dynamic composition by an outstanding new writer! VERY HOT!

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